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  • Plug N Play Sequential Tail Lights

    Thats right "Plug N Play". With new state of the art LED "Smart Signal" technology it is possible to add sequential tail lights to almost any car. From our Unversal kits for classics and muscle cars with the common 1157 style bulbs to late model Camaros, Challengers and Mustangs. Revolutionary micro processor, programmed LED bulbs are twice as bright and last even longer. American made and limited lifetime warranty for the life of your vehicle. Shop by make and model or Universal Kits for classics

  • Fusion V3 Halo Systems.

    Our Fusion led multi color halos are also leading the way in after market halo technology. The only halo kit with external LED drivers. LED failure is 99% of the time due to faulty or burned up drivers on the back of others halos many times the result of HID heat. What this means to you is you no longer have to open or pay to have your headlights open for any repairs.

  • Submersi-Flex Flex Lighting

    Somewhat similar to epoxy covered LED strip, polyurethane encapsulates the entire strip front and back, but unlike its counterparts it is an incredibly flexible, clear, jellylike polyurethane compound. This specially developed polyurethane is incredibly durable, much more puncture/abrasion resistant than other waterproof LED flex, UV resistant and won’t discolor over time. Ultra Bright and 100% Long term Submersible. Real waterproof LED strips!

  • Classic / Muscle Car 7 inch Halo Headlights

    Continuing our promise to make LEDs more of a option for the classics from Tri-5's to early 70s muscle we now offer 7 inch classic round headlights with halos already installed. Both single or multi color options. Add one of our wireless controllers to add show modes and more.

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